10TB SSDs will soon be a reality with 3D memory breakthrough, says Intel

Intel have promised the world 10TB SSDs within two years. A bold claim, but one they believe a breakthrough in 3D memory technology will fuel. Intel stated that 3D NAND memory will provide a huge boost to SSD capacities.
Currently, many systems still use HDD technology, even though SSDs perform far better and are much more reliable, the reason for this? Price per GB storage. SSDs, although lower in price than they once were can still cost up to 10x than HDDs for the same amount of storage space. Intel claim that 3D NAND tech will not only increase storage capacities but also reduce the cost of said storage with prices they describe as ‘disruptive’.
3D NAND has been developed with the help from Micron, it essentially allows for the stacking of multiple layers of NAND memory on a single die. Rob Cooke, Intel’s Non-Volatile Memory Group manager, claimed that the company can stack 32 individual layers, to create 48GB storage on a die. This type of NAND storage could lead to SSDs with capacities of up to 10TB within the next couple of years, at least according to one of Cooke’s recent slideshows.
In a recent post we talked about how the HDDs days were numbered, due to reduced SSD cost and increased storage size. This new 3D NAND tech may be the nail in the coffin. HDD development is quite stagnant right now with capacities topping out at 6TB. A ‘disruptively’ priced 10TB SSD could spell the end of days for the 50 year old HDD.
Bring on the big SSDs we say.