143MP camera

143 Megapixel Camera in action: Ultra high-res camera created from scanner parts

Canon’s top end EOS 5D MkIII boasts 22.3 megapixels, impressive for sure, but Dario Morelli has taken the whole megapixel thing to another level. Using parts of an Epson flatbed scanner, the photographer and computer aided designer has created a medium format digital camera capable of capturing ridiculous 143 megapixel images.
The scanner’s main board, sensor board and stepper motor have been integrated into a camera like custom chassis. The camera has no viewfinder or screen and needs external power and a separate computer to operate. Shots can take anywhere up to five minutes to be captured, depending on conditions.

143MP camera 2

Obviously the camera isn’t practical, but it’s definitely a cool piece of repurposing with some application potential. Check out more images of the camera/some captured using it on Dario’s flickr account here.