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4 Common EQ Mistakes: Plugin Presets, Boosting vs. Cutting, EQ Shapes & Less is More

We stumbled upon this great post over at SoundBetter by Graham Cochrane and just had to re-blog it. Graham covers the 4 biggest EQ mistakes he sees made in home studios.
Graham talks plug-in presets, boosting vs. cutting, EQ visualisation and a less is more approach. This is a worthwhile read for any audio enthusiast or professional.
Preview below:

Mistake #1 – Trusting EQ plugin presets
This one blows me away. As much as presets can be helpful starting points with SOME plugins, the same cannot be said about EQ.
There is NO way a plugin manufacturer can have any clue what YOUR bass guitar (or fill in the blank) sounds like in the mix.
So how can they suggest an EQ curve to start with? They can’t!
Can you learn something from a preset? Absolutely, and I’m not afraid of checking them out from time to time. Just know that they can’t do much for you when it comes to EQ.
So don’t trust EQ plugin presets. Trust your ears and start from scratch.

Check out the full article here.