4TB internal Mac Pro SSD RAID 0

4TB Internal SSD RAID for the Mac Pro: 1,400MB/s striped SSD hardware RAID, capacity meets speed

Is this the ultimate Mac Pro storage solution? Internal SSD RAID 0 provides 4TB capacity and 1,400MB/s read & write speeds

SSDs are incredible, offering blistering read & write speeds, in many ways they have revolutionised computing. One gripe with SSDs, however, has always been the smaller storage capacity they offer compared to traditional HDDs. How to remedy this? A hardware RAID consisting of four SSDs.
In this specific example we used 4 Angelbird 1TB SSD wrk for Mac drives and an Areca ARC1214-4i RAID card. Using this setup we were able to create a 4TB striped RAID, great capacity, great speed. Speaking of speed, we managed to hit 1,450MB/s write & 1,370MB/s read. Pretty quick by any standard.
RAID speed test
If you’re looking for both speed & capacity with no compromise then this is an awesome solution. We can even RAID 4, or 8 if you like, 2TB SSDs for 8TB or 16TBs of super quick RAID 0 SSD storage.
If you would like to order a RAID setup like the one in this blog post, in a Mac Pro or as a standalone RAID system, then head over to our ‘Configure Your Mac Pro’ page or send us an email at [email protected].

4TB SSD Hardware RAID in a Mac Pro
4 SSDs in a hardware RAID in a Mac Pro
4 Angelbird 1TB SSDs with an Areca RAID card
Mac Pro Hardware RAID with 4 1TB SSDs