Mac Pro with 5 GPUs

5 AMD R9 280X 3GB Graphics Cards in one Mac Pro 5,1: OpenCL monster utilising CUBIX PCI-e Xpander

What’s better than one AMD R9 280X GPU in a Mac Pro? 2 is better, twice as fast if your using OpenCL applications. What’s better than 2 R9 280Xs in one Mac Pro?…
How about 5, yes 5, a total of 15GB VRAM. With the help of the CUBIX PCI-e Xpander Elite housing 4 AMD R9 280X graphics cards hooked up to a Mac Pro with an internal R9, we created a monster.
One R9 280X will hit around 2300 on the LuxMark Sala OpenCL benchmark test. With 5 we managed to hit a huge 11,309. Some may nay-say, we say, check out the video below.

As a bonus here’s a video of a single R9 280X in LuxMark, same test.