5 Things you Should Know About the Apple Card

Apple’s recent launch, at the end of March, has changed the shape and future of the company as they announce the all-new Apple Card. Many would consider this the next logical step for the California based technology giant and, to be honest, we’re surprised it didn’t happen sooner! The October 2014 release of Apple Pay was something that we were extremely excited about, but unfortunately, the rest of the world wasn’t quite ready, with many smaller, independent stores not being correctly geared up to accept the NFC-based payment. Five years on and this is much a different story, with contactless now being responsible for over 2.5 billion transactions in the UK alone (2016 statistics). We think Apple must have seen the landscape change and decide that now would be the perfect time to unleash the Apple Card upon the world.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the most important features of the Apple Card along with some of the things that you should consider before jumping on board:

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Apple Card is Both Physical and Digital

When you sign up for your new Apple Card, you’ll receive it on your iPhone within minutes, meaning you can start spending right there and then. Additionally, you’ll receive one of the snazzy laser-cut titanium cards that are part of the offering. The physical cards play the role that your now-credit cards play, for payments in stores that don’t accept Apple Pay with NFC from the iPhone. This means that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to pay with Apple Pay, assuming the store has a credit card terminal!

Apple Card Announcement

There are Daily Cash Rewards Available

Cash back when you spend is a fairly well-known offering that many credit card providers use to entice potential new customers. Apple is taking this offering and giving it their spin, calling it Daily Cash and describing it as a ‘clear rewards program’. Basically, they offer between one and three per cent cash back on every purchase you make with Apple Card which is then held in a separate section called the Apple Cash Card, also in the Wallet app. The amount of daily cash you can generate is unlimited meaning that you can just keep on earning. However, this will be capped based on your credit limit. The Daily Cash is deposited into your Apple Cash account for you to spend straight away.

No Fees with Apple Card

Apple’s release video for the Apple Card focused heavily on the lack of fees. With no annual fee, no paper statement fee, no credit limit increase fee or maintenance fee, among many others, the card promises to make finances simple and clear. Although this is great, we’d suggest keeping an eye on interest rates as it is likely that this will be the way that Apple is going to generate money from the service.

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A Healthier Financial Life

Who doesn’t want to lead a healthy financial life? More money in your pocket and less money being spent surely must be the dream scenario? Well, Apple has doubled down on this promise, not only with Daily Cash but by allowing you to track and scrutinise your finances across the weeks and months. The payments you make will be split across different categories such as food and drinks or travel. Adding to this, you can track where each purchase took place by using the maps feature, meaning that if you can’t remember where you spent your money, your phone will.

A New Level of Security

Apple’s complete overhaul of the credit card experience didn’t stop with the financial side, it also looked to revolutionise the security and privacy that comes with looking after your finances. Apple realised that for people to take this seriously, they would need state-of-the-art security and privacy, luckily that’s something they’re already pretty good at! Whenever you make a purchase, your iPhone will generate a unique security code, additionally, you’ll need to authorise the purchase yourself using Face ID or Touch ID. This means that if someone else has access to your phone, they won’t be able to purchase anything. Finally, the physical card issued to all Apple Card customer doesn’t actually have any numbers on it, meaning they can’t be copied or stolen.

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