7 Best Free Apps for Working From Home With Your Mac

With recently developments more and more people are working from home and being productive is key! Whether you work for yourself or a company you want to ensure you you’re getting work done and done right. Having the right tools for the job will have a huge impact on this. So let’s collaborate, communicate, organize and get productive. (I’m sure there are some more stereotypical “Buzz Words”)

1. Slack

Slack is certainly our number one tool here at MacFinder. Instant messaging and voice calls mean our teams can keep in touch and quickly make actions where needed. Ensuring everyone can keep in touch with an easy to use platform prevents a breakdown in communication.

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2. Fantastical

It’s time to get organised! Fantastical is a calendar & tasks app with powerful features and syncing with your other services and can help you get your day scheduled. It’s important while you’re working from home to have some structure just as if you were at work. This will keep you motivated and give you a clear thought process.

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3. Evernote

Right, take note. Evernote it’s like your notes app but it has all the features you wish you had! You can sync your notes across devices and organise your notes to help you keep track. If you’re a lover of note-taking Evernote will be a game-changer for you.

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4. Screen Time

You haven’t even got to download this one. Built into macOS is a feature called Screen Time which allows you to as it says on the tin monitor your screen time. The reason we mention this is because it has a feature called downtime. Now it’s important to have breaks during the day and theory has it you’re actually more productive in the afternoon with a lunch break rather than without.

If you head into screentime there is a setting called downtime. You can use this to set yourself a lunch break and your system will lock you out of your applications and only allows your always allowed apps such as phone calls and messaging unless you set it otherwise. Take an hour for yourself, make some lunch and relax.

5. Toggl

Toggl is a powerful tool to help you keep track of time. Whether it’s for yourself to see how much time you’re emailing, designing, writing documents or sitting on social media or you’re charging by the hour and need to know how much to invoice for. Toggl’s basic version has plenty of features but there is an advanced version available.

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6. Google Suite – Docs / Sheets

Probably one of our most used applications at MacFinder is google sheets. Sales data, projects, to-do lists and more you can do with Google Sheets. Google Suite is a powerful tool for collaborating with your team on spreadsheets and documents. Even if you’re not working with a team it’s a free and fantastic alternative to paid-for Office 365.

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7. Airmail

If you’re using Apple mail we recommend this upgrade. Airmail has a similar feel to mail but has a more modern, user-friendly experience as well as a huge amount of customization so you can create your perfect email workflow.

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If there’s an app you feel should be on this list please comment down below we would love to hear from you.