The $750 cup of coffee, Mac Pro 6, 1 disaster: Create Pro Funnies

At Create Pro we love the Mac Pro 5, 1, because we love internally upgrading Apple systems. We don’t love the 6, 1 (but we may soon, wink, wink), because they aren’t especially internally upgradeable. So when we read a story concerning a $750 cup of a coffee and a Mac Pro 6, 1 naturally we chuckled.

It all started with Mac IT Help’s Bruce Craig’s morning cup of coffee, a simple pleasure that I’m sure many can relate to. This would, however, turn out to be the most expensive cup of coffee in recorded history, trumping the previous Starbucks record of $55. All it took was a moments inattention and the spill was done. Normally a few paper towels later and it’s problem solved, unless that is, the coffee is still boiling and ends up on your lap. Unfortunately, the latter was the case with Bruce, but the pain ceased to matter when he noticed a torrent of coffee carving a valley through his desk towards his shiny new Mac Pro. What should be noted is that the Mac Pro 6, 1 was a full 2 feet from the epicentre of the spill. It seems the power of the Mac Pro’s new fan design can also be a force of evil.
The Mac Pro 6, 1’s design incorporates a single fan located at the top of the system which draws air upwards and through the machine to cool the thermal core and keep heat away from the electronics. Bruce stated that when he saw the ‘Tsunami of coffee head toward my Mac I found out just how powerful that fan was”. When Bruce noticed to vacuum like capabilities of his Mac Pro he jumped for the power cord, but it was too little too late. A loud ‘pop’ was heard, the screen went blank, and Bruce’s day was ruined. It took a trip to the Apple store to resurrect his ‘Vacuum Pro’, as well as a repairs bill of over $750.

After this first world catastrophe Bruce vowed never to fall victim to the Mac Pro 6, 1’s hoover feature again. So whilst waiting for his system to be repaired devised an ingenious solution. Like many Apple fan boys he decided to put his Mac Pro on a pedestal, only this time he meant it literally. Out of wood Bruce created a wooden pedestal featuring a USB 3.0 hub, pictured below.

This was definitely one of our favourite Mac Pro 6, 1 stories, for the laughs, not the expensive repair bill. Check out the original post here.

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