free vst effects for daw

9 Awesome Free VST Effects: Scoop some awesome plug-ins without laying down any cash

Looking for some new effects to use in your DAW? Well here are 9 great ones that wont cost you a penny. The list, compiled by FACT is available here.
We’re especially fond of CamelCrusher, which is included in the list, check the quick description below for more details:

The CamelCrusher is another classic of the free VST world that does one thing very well – beefing up sound. It lets you select from two different distortion tones, and contains a low-pass filter and a compressor. It’ll work a charm if you want to make your synths stand out, but where it really excels is drums – crank up the distortion and engage the compressor’s “Phat” mode and you’ll have kick that cuts through anything. Unfortunately Camel Audio closed for business earlier this year, but you can still get the CamelCrusher from other free VST resources.