A Look Inside Create Pro from Sam, our Work Experience Placement

For the last two weeks, we have had the pleasure taking on Sam as a work experience placement. Sam is very interested in Macs, Apple, and computers in general, so it was a great fit. As an end to Sam’s placement we asked him to write a little about his time with us and his view on how we work at Create Pro.

Without further ado, here’s Sam’s account of the past two weeks.

Doing my work experience at Create Pro has been great fun, I have never seen so many Mac Pros before! Two weeks has gone really quickly, however, during my time at Create Pro I’ve had plenty to do.

I started my placement with the sales department and was shown how to photograph the Mac Pro systems, I was taught how to use a DSLR camera and its various functions.

Next I worked with the logistics and shipping department. I organised keyboards and their boxes for shipping with Mac Pros, as well as sorting between different types of power cable for UK and EU sales. I also stress tested hard drives prior them being shipped to ensure they worked without issues for Create Pro customers. I also spent some time diagnosing problems with systems and installing & stress testing RAM.

During the end of my first week, I spent some time with Tom in Marketing, focussing on the Create Pro blog, which I enjoyed. With some help from Tom I created a blog post (Five Yosemite Tips & Tricks). To come up with the tips & tricks I looked around OS X and online and compiled a large list, which we then whittled down to the 5 best.

I spent most of my second week back with the sales department where I tested some professional video equipment before it was ready to be sold. Some of the equipment was unboxed so I photographed it and then found suitable boxes from the packaging department.

Work experience with Create Pro has been great and I would like to take the time to thank everyone who I worked with during my two week work experience placement. I certainly learnt a lot about Macs and OS X that I never knew before!