Ableton Live 9 tips and tricks for music production

Ableton Tips & Tricks: 10 hidden music production tips for use in Ableton Live

Once again Point Blank has released a great round-up of music production tips & tricks. This time the focus is hidden features of Ableton Live.
Covered topics include warping to master tempo, multi-warping drum recordings, double audio editing, mixing and matching different projects, and much more.
One of our personal favourites is using the track delay to add swing to drum patterns:

Initially designed to compensate for the timing differences between external hardware units and Ableton Live, the Track Delay is a great way to achieve a groovy drum beat. By moving the ‘Track Delay’ setting of your individual drum tracks, you will find your groove shifts drastically. I like to move my hats and snare tracks ahead of the kick to give a ‘rushed’ feel to my drum beats. However, there are no fixed settings here and you will need to experiment and treat every beat differently with this technique.

Check out the full article here.