Angelbird SSD drives awarded Pro Tools Expert Editors Choice

Angelbird SSD Drives Awarded Editors Choice by Pro Tools Expert: SSD wrk for Mac & SSD2go Pocket reviewed

Our good friends a Pro Tools expert recently reviewed the Angelbird SSD wrk for Mac & SSD2go Pocket. The review concluded with the drives being awarded the Editors Choice Award due to their fantastic performance.

This is a no brainer, neither of these drives are going back.  To have the confidence of an SSD drive with native TRIM support gives me complete confidence that the Angelbird drive will keep on working to it’s full potential, and won’t slow down like my Crucial drive did. Angelbird offer a 5 year warranty on all their SSD drives which adds further to the confidence levels.
Moving onto the SSD2go pocket drive, the performance on my MacBook Pro is amazing and together with the bullet proof nature of the case and that there are no moving parts to go wrong, this will now be my portable media drive. A rotational drive wouldn’t survive much more than a 1m drop test never mind being hurled up in the air so that it drops from 20m or so and survives with nothing more than a few scratches.
So I can do nothing else other than give Angelbird drives Editors Choice and advise everyone to buy Angelbird drives whenever you looking for an SSD drive. Its that clearcut and simple. The price difference is not that significant so why wouldn’t you, especially if you are using the Mac platform.

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