Antivirus for Mac: Is It Pointless?

The antivirus for Mac debate has been ongoing for years. We recently did a survey and around 60% of people believe you don’t. A well-recorded history can be found by searching online however it is littered by biased articles from companies selling their software looking to make a profit from your fear. Apple will never give you a straight forward answer. After all, why would they ever tell you (their customer) that you’re at risk? If it was such a problem wouldn’t Apple just implement the security themselves?


Can You Get a Virus on a Mac?

The short answer is yes, but only by human error. Apple has already included layers of security to your Mac and it is the duty of companies who make applications and host websites to ensure they are also secure. If you only use reputable websites and don’t click on anything you’re unsure about then you are perfectly safe. Most viruses come from files that you download and even then those files have to be run and the security prompted approved by the user before they can have any effect.


When You Should Consider Antivirus

The Mac is for a child or you let your child on your Mac

Children can be lured into click pop-ups for games and competitions which are actually scams. They download the “game” and run it, agreeing to the security prompt. Even if the game itself is safe it could bring viruses or malware along with it.

The Mac is for someone who isn’t tech-literate

Email and pop-up scams are designed specifically to entice people who are less clued up. Statements like “your mac has a virus” or “your bank account has been compromised” with a secure now link downloading files onto your computer.

You use your Mac for business and have sensitive documents

There is no such thing as too much security when it comes to running your business and protecting yourself and your client. We recommend enabling the additional security features on your Mac and getting a copy of antivirus to add an extra layer of protection.


What Antivirus Should You Choose

There are plenty of options out there but most will lock you into a monthly or yearly subscription. A lot of the argument against antivirus is its cost. Personally I’ve been using the same anti-virus since I could use a computer and that’s Avast. It’s completely free and is one of the first things I would install on a computer Mac or PC.


Refurbished Macs are just as secure as a new Mac . They come with the same security features from the world-class Apple operating system. Feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions.