Best Antivirus Software for Macs

Before we get into the article, it’s important that we dispel a common myth that lingers in the air around Apple Macs. Contrary to popular belief, Macs can get viruses. Many people think that their Apple machines are immune from picking up malware; however, this just isn’t the case.

Granted, the work that Apple has done on the operating system to ensure that their products are less susceptible to malicious software is miles ahead of other competitors. This means they are typically less likely to be infected, but this doesn’t make them immune. In this article, we look at some of the best antivirus software available for your Mac machines.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9

Intego is a top rate provider that is reliable and thorough. This paid software costs (at time of writing) £39.99 a year, a fairly standard fee for this level of protection. The installation of the software is simple and straightforward, however, it does come without instructions on how to authorise the appropriate kernel module. On more up to date Mac machines, you will need to authorise the installation of the software by opening the ‘Security and Privacy’ window and allowing the download from that screen.

AV-Test, an independent IT-security institute, conducted a report in which the software received top marks for protection and usability. However, some machines suffered from slowdown during the tests.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Recent updates to the Bitdefender software has meant that the program has advanced in leaps and bounds compared to previous versions. The software isn’t as efficient when it comes to catching the viruses as Intego’s offering; however, it does present in a very user-friendly way, making this a strong option for less computer-savvy users.

The paid software costs £39.99 a year and includes both ransomware protection and a VPN. That said, the VPN comes with a 200mb daily cap meaning that streaming video or audio is relatively out of the question. The VPN can be useful for adding a layer of security when browsing the web from an unsecured wifi hotspot and has the ability to mask your location.

Norton Security for Mac

Norton is a pair of steady hands when it comes to computer and internet security, a trusted name and this is for a reason. This paid (£49.99 a year) software is easy to install but doesn’t warn users about the kernel extension required, something to bear in mind!

You may be prompted to install two safari plugins, these are Safe Web and Identity Safe, although these, unfortunately, aren’t available on Chrome.

The software is excellent at picking up viruses and malicious software and will keep your machine safe and secure. It’s a push to say that the slightly higher price is warranted when there are other strong performers available. However, there are regular sale events, either directly or through other retailers, which means you can pick up the software much cheaper than the RRP.

Sophos Antivirus for Mac

The only free software on the list is Sophos, a minimal service that still offers strong protection. Naturally, it’s good value as it doesn’t cost a penny and will still weed out potentially harmful software on your machine. However, because the software doesn’t come with an application window, it relies on notifications which allow you to commence and monitor ongoing scans. The results of the scans can then be viewed on a cloud-based webpage.

This minimal approach will appeal to some and not other, with some people wanting a more in-depth look at their results and more control over the system. Occasionally, you’ll see that viruses are found but not necessarily deleted which means a little bit of DIY hunting and deleting on your part. A Premium version is available, which will offer more functionality and covering of more devices.

Antivirus Zap for Mac

Ending the list with something a little different than the others, Antivirus Zap is an app that can be downloaded on the Mac App Store for a one-off cost of £9.99 (at time of writing). The app is very well regarded within the store and has received nearly 1,400 five-star reviews to date, with only 37 three-star or below reviews.

Naturally, installation is speedy thanks to the App Store, and you can be scanning your machine within minutes of making the purchase. Although many antivirus apps can be limited with scope, this one seems to pick up on viruses well. However, these viruses aren’t managed at all by the app unless you select to delete them yourself, making it slightly more labour intensive than other software.

The software doesn’t offer an automatic scan option, which means all scans must be run by yourself manually. Although this would be a great feature, it certainly isn’t a deal breaker. We’d suggest installing this as a complementary software to a more established program.

If we haven’t included your favourite Mac antivirus software on this list, make sure you leave a comment or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter! Additionally, if you’re looking to upgrade your current machine, why not check out our range of second hand Apple computers for sale?