Will Apple Hold Another Event to Release New Products?

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Like Santa at Christmas, Apple has been delivering countless ‘presents’ in the form of new products they have released onto the market this year. You may have thought September’s event was the last of the good news, however, you could be wrong. The new sphere is awash with rumours of an October event, bringing the long-awaited announcements of a new MacBook and possibly an updated iPad Pro. Of course, Apple, the kings of suspense, haven’t commented on the speculation. We did predict this earlier in our blog, but now the internet has broken with the news of the possibility of this event.

Do Apple Usually Hold Follow-up Events?

A follow-up event isn’t unheard of for the company, with the company previously holding October events to launch alternate products to the iPhones. Think back to 2016, when just after the release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple staff returned to the stage to introduce the new range of MacBook Pros that feature that revolutionary Touch Bar. For many, at the time, this was a much-needed as the line had not received an update for some time. The same can be said for the present day range.

Apple typically provides the press with news anywhere between 10 days’ to two weeks, meaning that news of the event could be coming pretty soon, maybe even this week!

What Will Be New with the MacBooks?

Predictions indicate that one of the first modifications to happen to the MacBook and MacBook Air will be a new, faster processor than the latest models on the market. Rumours suggest that Intel’s new Amber Lake CPUs could find their way into the MacBooks.

There could also be an entirely new name for a range of the laptops, too, in order to differentiate itself between older models, rumours suggest this will be a 12-inch model to cater to schools and bargain hunters looking for a cheaper deal against the high-tech MacBook Pros.

What About the iPads?

Everyone has been long awaiting an update for the iPad Pro, so it will be no surprise if Apple announces a new version which would come available in a new size– an 11ich version of the pro-level tablet. The design would take inspiration from the popular iPhone X series, reducing down the bezels around the outside and feature a TrueDepth front camera, making this new version of the iPad Pro capable of Face ID (that works in both portrait and landscape modes) and the highly amusing Animoji/Memoji.

Of course, it would make no sense to just offer one version of this iPad, so these changes would be made to the 12.9-inch model to allow this version to perform the same functions at exceptional speeds. This will be down to the brand-new A12 processors the iPad models will possess, mirroring that of the A12 CPUs in the new iPhone models.

There’s more….

Apple could also be rolling out a new model of the Mac mini computer, with the last model being released all the way back in 2014.

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