Apple to face lawsuit over iPhone to Android number switch issue

A US judge has ruled that Apple will face a federal lawsuit over the much talked about Android switch over issue. The problem occurs when an iPhone user switches their phone number from an Apple device to an Android one. The Android phone will fail to receive text messages from iPhones as they will be sent to the user’s iMessage account instead.
It was only three days ago that Apple released a tool to allow users to deregister their phone numbers from iMessage accounts. Judge Lucy Koh, however, has ruled that the lawsuit filed by Adrianne Moore earlier this year, will in fact be allowed to continue. Upon switching from an iPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S5, Adrianne stopped receiving messages from iPhones. The claimant is seeking unspecified damages from Apple, as well as a class-action lawsuit.
Apple have previously stated that there is no law covering technology simply not functioning as the user believes it should. To back up this claim, Apple argued that they have never claimed iMessage would be able to recognise when iPhone user’s switched to other devices such as Android, Windows or non-smartphones.
The device switching message issue is not a new one and has affected many former iPhone users in the past. We can’t help but wonder if this is the case of Apple knowing that there is an issue, but not fixing it because in some ways it helps lock customers to their devices.