Apple Keychain and Why You Should Be Using It

This incredibly simple feature included as standard on your Mac and other Apple devices is one of our favourite bits of software and, shockingly, people don’t use it. If you use Keychain, then you know how fantastic it is. As a Keychain user, it makes me feel uncomfortable when people skip past the remember password function or even worse have Keychain turned off in iCloud because they don’t know what it is.


What Is Apple Keychain?

Apple Keychain is a feature which saves your passwords. It’s as simple as that. When you log into a website on your Mac or sign up for an account on an App on your phone, you’ll see an alert popup saying would you like to save this password. Clicking yes will add the password to a secure list of passwords for you and next time you load the app or go onto the website, boom, your password is there for you!

Why Do We Love It so Much?

I don’t know about you, but I used to spend way to much time resetting passwords. I’d automatically be logged in on a website for months then suddenly for no reason; it’s asking me to log in.  Like I remember the password! Fortunately for me, Keychain will solve that as it’s got the memory of an elephant.

Ever log in to a website on your phone, then later that week go onto your Mac, and haven’t got a clue what the password is? Lucky for you if you log in to your iCloud on your Mac and don’t manually turn off Keychain in your phone settings every time you save a password it will upload this securely to your iCloud account. No matter the device you log in to your passwords will always be saved.

This simple feature will save you a considerable amount of time every year not regularly resettings password or stressing about what the login is for that account you haven’t used in two years.

Do You Have a Loved One That Always Forgets Their Passwords?

Not only is it an inconvenience for them but you when they’re forever asking you what their password is it’s a problem for both of you. It’s time to do a good deed and revolutionise the way they live their digital life!

If you’d like to read more about setting up iCloud Keychain here is a link to the Apple support article:

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