What the Apple Keynote September 2018 Event Revealed

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Apple Watch Series 4

The keynote opened with the updates to the Apple Watch, coined Series 4. Of course, the Apple watch was as beautiful as ever in design, with a bigger display (up 30% from the model before) we’ve all grown to love in our devices, thinner casing and the ability to accept band styles from older models; but, this was way down low on the list of impressive features of the new Apple watch.

The “life-saving potential technology” of the S4 Watch is by-far what won the crowd over. Joined by Ivor Benjamin, President of the American Heart Association, we learnt about how this hardware has the capabilities to save lives by getting people more in tune with their health.

The watch allows users to capture real-time, qualitative data regarding their heart through an ECG app (the first commercially available ECG product) and record this data into a PDF that can be sent directly to their doctor. This sort of information is invaluable in the assessment of health, according to Benjamin with the potential to “change the practice of medicine”.

But this is not the only health benefit the new Apple watch has, with the introduction of a new fall monitoring software that uses smart technology to monitor the actions of a user’s fall, slip or trip and activate an SOS alert after a minute of non-movement to both the emergency services and your emergency contacts.

The watch also operates on a new OS (iOS 5), and with a dual-core chip, which means that processing is a lot faster, allowing for applications such as the ones before. The watch comes with new interfaces that allow for more data and applications to be on your personalised home screen for a fuller user experience.

For fitness fanatics, the watch can also record more types of exercises due to its smarter technology. The watch is swim-proof and durable, with a battery life of 18 hrs, making it the ideal accessory for any exercise regime.

Of course, like all Apple products, it is made from eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

The S4 watch will be available across 26 markets, 16 at launch and will come in at a cool £399. Pre-orders are available from Friday 17th September, and available in commercial stores on September 21st.

What did our team think?

“Personally, my favourite part of the keynote was the Watch Series 4 announcement. I’ve been thinking about an Apple Watch for a while, and I think with the Series 4 I will finally pull the trigger and buy one. The curved display makes it look a lot less bulky and classier when worn, and with the added health improvements, particularly ECG, larger display and improvements to watchOS and the ability to use wristbands from previous models, make this a worthy purchase or upgrade from previous Apple watches.” – Daniel

“[My favourite part was] finding out Tim Cook sounds like Owen Wilson, woooooowww. Other than that, the ECG on the Apple watch is the only thing that got my heart pumping… ba dum cha!” – Liam

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