Apple R&D coming to the UK: Apple to open facility in Cambridge, England

Reports suggest that Apple is planning to open a new R&D centre in Cambridge, England, all in time for Christmas. Pictured below is 90 Hills Road, Cambridge which is speculated to the exact location of the new Apple facility.

The building itself is located in a prestigious area close to the headquarters of both Microsoft and Sony. Cambridge has become something of a technology hotspot since the late nineties. Over 1000 companies operating within the technology sector now have offices in the picturesque English city. The region has even been referred to as ‘Silicon Fen’ in reference to the infamous ‘Silicon Valley’.
It is believed that Apple will aim to open the office with 20 full time employees, which will grow to 40 over the course of 2015. Interestingly, it is thought that the UK has been making a constant effort over the previous quarter century to talk Apple into establishing an office on this side of the pond. Once the new R&D centre is launched the UK will join locations such as Shanghai, Israel and Taiwan in being home to a much desired Apple office.
With both of the Create Pro offices being located around an hour from Cambridge, we are happy to welcome Apple to the party. Unlikely as it is that we will ever see the inside of the facility, it’s still nice to know that future generations of Apple technology will be developed just down the road. Perhaps the 5K Apple Display we are all waiting for could be birthed in sunny England?