Apple and U2’s Bono Collaborating Again: For Better or Worse

Apple and U2 have a bit of a history. First there was the U2 special edition iPod, then there was the recent free U2 album for all iTunes users and finally the U2 album removal tool. Quite a history indeed. It seems, however, that Bono and the gang have no intention of stopping here.
At the recent Web Summit in Dublin, Bono proclaimed that Apple had “let us into the labs”. Has Bono been working on yet unheard of products and services? For better or worse, we’ll all soon find out. It turns out Bono may have given us a couple of hints as to what we should expect to see from the dynamic duo in the future:

To illustrate the kind of concepts U2 and Apple might be exploring, Bono told the story of being in a house in France with Steve Jobs a decade ago. Bono looked at a version of iTunes being displayed on a TV screen and asked Jobs if he liked design so much, then “why does that look like a spreadsheet?”
Bono said he had wondered why the album covers displayed on iTunes weren’t interactive or why they didn’t display archival photos, lyrics, or 3-D versions of band members: anything that would make for a more engaging visual experience with fans to complement the music.
Jobs replied that the operating system and the technology didn’t quite exist yet for such an experience.
“But it does now,” Bono said.

Quote comes from VentureBeat.
It’s common knowledge that Apple has been struggling with it’s iTunes brand, music downloads are declining and Spotify are now paying musicians a larger sum total than Apple. Apple has tried to keep up by launching iTunes Radio and purchasing Beats Music, but it has been a rocky road thus far. It seems more than likely that U2 are in some way ‘advising’ Apple in order to help relaunch/move forward the iTunes arm of the company.
We have mixed feelings about Bono at Create Pro, I say mixed because we don’t want to get into trouble over slander. The free U2 album certainly annoyed everyone in the office, but I guess it got U2 some publicity, Apple too, but maybe the kind they don’t appreciate. Who knows what Bono will bring to the table, as long as it isn’t any of his music, I guess we’ll give it a spin.