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Is Apple’s Augmented Reality Headset Arriving in the Next Year?

Quanta Computer, one of the companies behind the primary assembling of the Apple Watch, has recently disclosed that it’s working on an augmented reality product for a company that lots of industry observers are led to believe is none other than Apple.

The Taiwanese manufacturer’s vice chairman C.C. Leung implied that the device is going to be a “headset-like gadget with a fully transparent lens that allows users to see through and interact with the environment.”
When speaking with reporters, Leung said: “Currently, we see such a device available in the market no later than the year 2019.”
The fact that Quanta is the second Apple supplier to express their involvement with an augmented reality product is certainly stoking the fire and getting the tech-heads talking. Another Taiwanese company, Catcher Technology, have revealed that it’s been asked to supply parts for an undisclosed wearable device, but if the insiders are on the right trail, it’s Apple who is reaching out.
Bloomberg, the privately held financial software, data, and media company, was among the first to comment on Apple’s work on an augmented reality headset. It claimed that Apple aimed to have the technology ready in time for when 2019 comes around and could ship a finished product as soon as 2020, making it a slightly longer timeline than suggested by Mr Leung.
The headset’s custom operating system, which would, of course, be based on iOS, is reportedly referred to as “rOS” for “Reality Operating System.”
While Apple has yet to finalise how its users will control the headset and launch apps, it is said to be exploring touchscreens, Siri voice activation and head gestures as options in the prototype stages, according to the report.
Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has repeatedly voiced a “profound interest” in augmented reality; an option which he favours over VR (virtual reality). Apple’s ARKit platform on iOS 11 enables developers to integrate augmented reality features into iPhone and iPad apps, and it’s this platform that could hold the potential foundation for what’s to come. So, if augmented reality is up your alley, ‘upgrade my Mac’ might well be the first thing you type into Google next for when this all plays out in a year or so.