Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 & Magic Keyboard all working on Mac Pro 5,1

Apple’s New Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 & Magic Keyboard Fully Compatible with Mac Pro 5,1: More magic

We’ve had them in the office and we’re happy to report that the new generation of Apple Magic accessories (Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 & Magic Keyboard) are all working fully with the Mac Pro 5,1.
They’re as Apple as ever and lovely to use, not essential but nice to have available.
The main difference from the previous generation is that these devices now charge via Lightning cable & have a ‘fast charge’ functionality. In effect, this means that you can get, for example, 9 hours of use from a Magic Mouse 2 from just 2 minutes worth of charging. Also, with a full charge the devices should last for over a week with daily use.
There isn’t any huge change in design for the Magic Mouse 2 except for the lightning port on the bottom of the mouse, it is slightly lighter and moves easier, however. The Magic Trackpad 2 is wider than the original and is 100% trackpad rather than having the extra battery section present in the previous incarnation. Because of the lack of conventional batteries it’s also thinner. The Magic Keyboard has changed from the Bluetooth Keyboard much in the same way that the Magic Trackpad has changed, no batteries, removal of excess surface area and a slimmed down design.
Check the pictures below for a closer look:

Magic Keyboard on Mac Pro 5,1 Magic Mouse 2 on Mac Pro 5,1 Magic Trackpad 2 on Mac Pro 5,1