The Best Mac for Adobe Premiere Pro

Popular with graphic designers, music producers, video editors and all other creatives, Apple’s Macs have been leading the charge in high-powered and affordable computing for years. Whether it’s the specs of the machines, Apple’s OS or just the aesthetically pleasing nature of the devices, Macs are never far from the top when it comes to our preferred computing devices. That said, Apple’s device diversity means that some of their machines work better than others at particular tasks. For a portable, lightweight and easy to use web surfing machine, a MacBook Air will win every time. However, for more heavyweight tasks such as video editing, these machines may struggle which is where iMacs come in. In this particular article, we’ll be looking at the best Apple devices for using Premiere Pro, Adobe’s industry-leading video editing software.


iMac Pro

For this list, we’ll start at the top with the awesome iMac Pro. As the name suggests, this machine is for pro(fessional)s who need super high power computing to get big jobs done quickly and to a high standard. Projects such as music production, photo editing and video editing are a breeze on this machine. When it comes to bigger projects such as rendering the video etc. the machine still takes some time to get this done, but completely outperforms all other Apple devices. The screen on the iMac Pro is Retina 5K and can support a billion colours using all of its 5120 x 2880 pixels. The machine offers, 8, 10, 14 and 18-core processor options and comes with 32GB RAM as default which is configurable up to 64GB or 128GB. This machine is the most powerful ever produced by Apple and although a custom setup could offer higher specs, the all-in-one appeal of the iMac is hard to ignore.


Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is a high power machine, capable of performing both basic and advanced tasks without breaking a sweat, despite being 5-6 years old. Upon release, the Mac Pro was one of, if not the best Mac for high power computing tasks, however, with the evolution of software and recent releases of new Apple devices, the Mac Pro has been edged off of the top spot by the iMac Pro.

That being said, the Mac Pro still retains an appeal for certain tasks. It was, and is aimed at a very specific audience of people, not for the average Joe that wants to surf the web, but for professionals that have graphic intensive and computing intensive jobs. Avenues that can really benefit from the Mac Pro include architecture, medical imaging and 3D design. Because of the age of the Mac Pro, very high end video editing is slightly out of reach for the machine, but for anything less than elite tier video editing would be fine. When using multiple layers of high resolution video, you may run into frame rate issues depending on how the machine is configured, this is definitely something to bear in mind, but certainly won’t stop you from getting the job done.

Apple will soon be shipping a 2019 version of the Mac Pro and if it incorporates equally powerful or even higher specs than the iMac Pro we may have a beast on our hands. The current machine is definitely still usable for computing intensive tasks, however, if you’re after the most elite performance machines, we recommend holding your horses until the 2019 release.



Everyone’s favourite all-in-one desktop solution, the iMac is probably the best affordable and powerful computing solution on the market at present, unless you’re building your own setup which can be timely and frustrating. For people that want to plug and play, the iMac is a perfect desktop choice. Not only ideal for day to day tasks such as browsing the web, word processing and watching videos, but also for more labour intensive jobs such as music production, and image and video editing as well. If you’re going to be taking on bigger jobs, we’d suggest checking out the higher spec options with increased RAM and improved processors, just to make sure you’re not slowed down on the job. If you’re making high-grade film and TV productions, maybe the iMac Pro would be better suited, but for anything less than elite-tier jobs, the iMac will certainly tick the box and for a lot less money.


MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is Apple’s answer to portable, high-power computing. The 2018 model offers 16GB of RAM that is configurable up to 32GB, comes with a 6-core processor and boasts Radeon Pro 555X graphics. The obvious and immediate benefit of the MacBook Pro is the portability of it, unlike most of the others on this list, you can complete the work anywhere with no worry about packing up equipment. This is a clear benefit and will make a huge difference for some people, although for others it will have little impact. When it comes to video editing, MacBook Pros can struggle, especially when you’re stacking multiple 4K video layers. One or two layers are just about managed with no stuttering but adding any more will cause delays to the playback. For YouTube content creators and people that aren’t filming extremely complex videos, the MacBook Pro should work just fine, however, for anything that requires a little more work, we’d definitely suggest looking towards an iMac.


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