Best Macs For Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is used by people from all backgrounds and occupations, from professional photographers and designers to students and everyone else in between. The popular photo editing software is now so big that the term “Photoshop it” has long been used as a verb to describe the editing of photos. On a side note, if you’re looking to buy a Mac, be sure to “MacFinder it”.

While anyone can, of course, use photoshop (with varying levels of ability) and we all know what Adobe Photoshop is and what it is capable of when it comes to actually running the software you do need a decent bit of machinery unless you like to hear the whirring of fans on your old computer/laptop. And if you don’t enjoy feeling like your computer will take off any second, we have listed below our favourite two Macs for Adobe Photoshop.



The iMac is a beautiful piece of machinery. If you’re a professional designer or artistic type then you no doubt are already in love with the iMac for its looks. The sleek, all-in-one, modern design of the iMac is a sight for sore eyes and the crystal clear retina display is a beauty unto itself. But don’t let its clean design fool you as the iMac is definitely a powerful and impressive computer. With many optional upgrades available, even the most basic iMac is comfortably capable of dealing with the demands that Adobe Photoshop requires. In terms of power and beauty, the iMac is definitely the perfect choice of desktop computers for Photoshop. However, there are some limitations. With the iMac’s size it is not practical to carry around (you could try but you may look a bit silly lugging a 21inch iMac with you everywhere). In addition to its lack of portability, an iMac can be pretty expensive. At MacFinder, we have loads of amazing deals on high-quality refurbished iMacs, but a brand new iMac from Apple would cost you a minimum of £1,049, which is quite a lot of money for a computer that you can only use in one fixed location. Luckily, there’s an alternative. While shopping around make sure to find a model with a dedicated graphics card and at least 8GB of memory.


MacBook Pro

Get the iMac, make the screen slightly smaller, fold it up and you’ve got the MacBook Pro. We’re pretty certain that’s not how the Pro was made but it has everything that is good from the iMac, minus a few ports, smaller screen and maybe not quite as powerful depending on your chosen spec; all worthy sacrifices to be able to take your work with you on the go. The MacBook Pro is the perfect laptop. As powerful as it is beautiful, the MacBook Pro allows photo editors to easily edit and create their work from anywhere in the world. With the MacBook Pro, the brilliant retina display and portability allow you to drift into a Photoshop world of your own, where you are the creator. The Pro projects your creations, unprejudiced of your environment and where you may be in the world at that point in time. While, with all Apple products, the MacBook Pro can also be relatively expensive, the portability and convenience of the world’s best laptop make it our choice of Macs for Adobe Photoshop. We recommend a 15-inch model and again like the iMac a dedicated graphics card and 8GB of memory.

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