Bringing the TITAN X to the Mac Pro 6,1

Bringing the TITAN X to the Mac Pro 6,1 with the help of a Thunderbolt eGPU

We are all aware that with the Mac Pro 6,1 any expansion that you want to do has to be done externally. With the amount of professional applications now on offer, the need for external expansion has become greater especially as many of the professional programmes require, greater performance power. One of the ways to achieve this extra performance power is with an eGPU.
The 6,1 comes with a pre-installed AMD graphics card, which offers OpenCL processing, however if you are a user of programs such as the Adobe suite, DaVinci Resolve or Octane Render then a CUDA enabled graphics card can be very beneficial.
Nvidia & AMD Logos

To make sure that your 6,1 is benefiting from the extra enhancements that CUDA offers, you will need a Thunderbolt eGPU, fitted with an Nvidia Graphics card. Also its worth mentioning that the Nvidia Graphics cards will also provide OpenCL support for your applications, which can also give Final Cut Pro users a significant boost. The use of an eGPU will expand your graphics performance and with the use of a single eGPU can significantly increase your GPU compute performance. The Thunderbolt eGPU from Bizon Box is easy to install, enabling you to use it within minutes of plugging it in to your Mac Pro. These are available to buy directly from us, or if purchased along-side a system everything is pre-installed and ready to go!
For users of the Adobe suite, RED, DaVinci Resolve and many of the other video applications, there are numerous benefits to having CUDA. The main benefits are smoother play back in preview, shorter render times and less latency. If you’d like to see a more comprehensive overview then take a look at our blog post on OPENCL vs CUDA .
When using the eGPU it is very simple to select it for use in your applications, most will give you an option to use either OpenCL or CUDA dependent on what is available. See the below screenshot from DaVinci Resolve:
CUDA Support

How do the cards perform? Check out the below benchmarks!

With the Mac Pro 6,1 you can run up to three eGPU graphics cards giving you a huge performance boost over the D700s that are available from stock.

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