Apple Mac Systems: The Perfect Christmas Presents

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With Christmas just around the corner, you may be starting to think about organising the presents for your loved ones. Some Grinches out there may think October’s a little too soon to start talking about everyone’s favourite holiday season but planning the presents earlier means that you get the perfect gifts without hassle or worry in the crazy run-up to the big day.

For tech-lovers, which is perhaps most of the world’s population now, there’s nothing more exciting than getting a new laptop, especially if your old one has seen better days. Of course, purchasing a new laptop as a gift can be an expensive endeavour, and not everyone can justify spending so much money on a brand-new computer however much their loved one would enjoy it. Mind you, a refurbished MacBook could be the answer to the dilemma. Completely revamped, the Macbook’s available with MacBank run and look like new but luckily don’t have the original price tag labelled to them, so you can really treat your friend/partner/family member without emptying your wallet this Christmas.

So, why should you get a MacBook as a Christmas gift over other leading laptop brands? There are many accounted reasons why people prefer Macs over PCs (and other common models), we’ve outlined seven of them in this previous blog, but here’s a couple more reasons to show you why a MacBook is a magical Christmas gift for all:


Sleek Design Looks Good Anywhere

Not that looks should be everything, but owning a Mac, with their sleek designs, makes them as much a fashion accessory as a functional machine. It’s hard to argue that the sheer style and elegance of a Mac system doesn’t make them such a beautiful and treasured possession to own. This is interlinked with our previous blog’s commentary of Apple’s high-quality builds which understandably produce more attractive hardware than other products in the marketplace. Of course this means that the quality and materials utilised in build equates to higher price points via the Apple stores, but lucky for you all, you can get a refurbished model at a radically lower cost.


Students Love Macs


For those considering gifting a student with a laptop or computer, why look anywhere other than Apple’s amazing hardware? Mac systems are hardy, meaning they can withstand the countless applications a student will be running during deadline weeks and hardcore revision sessions, or just in their leisure time. Those who are on creative courses would appreciate a Mac system over other brands because they are usually an industry-standard in creative institutes. Getting the chance to understand the interface will ensure the student is prepared for the transition into the workplace.

Not to mention their brand resonance with a younger demographic, which makes it safe to say a student would be chuffed to bits to receive a Mac for Christmas.

(If you’re researching for a student, why not point them in the direction of our Student Guides, where we go through everything they need to know about the jobs they are pursuing?)


Microsoft is for IT Geeks, Apple’s for Everybody Else

The great thing about Apple software is that its accessible and easy for everyone to understand. Microsoft, on the other hand, is much-loved amongst IT geeks because it’s very easy to play around with the settings and acronyms to make a somewhat customisable system. Of course, this is every dream of an IT-fanatic, but for the rest of the consumer base who just want a system and interface that is reliable and easy-to-use, these complex elements of Windows are impractical and infuriating.

Despite Microsoft being targeted toward those with a passion for IT, they are notorious for being more susceptible to viruses. Mac users, however, are still able to use their systems without fear of catching a deadly computer bug due to the lack of malware, spyware or viruses able to penetrate the Mac’s security walls.

So, if you’re looking to buy a Mac for your nearest and dearest this festive season, look no further than MacBank and the fantastic deals we have on site. You can buy a second-hand MacBook Air, a refurbished Pro or even a renovated Mac Computer with us today. Go on– grab yourself a bargain gift this Christmas that your loved one is sure to cherish!