Compression Explained

Compression Explained: Top 10 myths about compression

Create Pro favourite, Point Blank, wrote an article debunking compression myths a while ago, it’s one of our favourite’s so we thought we’d let you know about it.
Compression is certainly popular, but in many ways, also widely misunderstood. Can compression make your mix ‘louder’? Yes. Is this all it does? Certainly not. The full article busts 10 myths and it’s definitely worth a read. Below is one of our favourites relating to sidechain compression on kick drums.

You’ll hear this example across the vast majority of commercial dance music tracks, with a pumping chorus whose mix compressor is being hit hard by a four-to-the-floor trigger. It’s a divisive sonic trick – some people love it, some hate it – but what is certainly true is that side-chaining a mix compressor, or one used on a single sound, is a valuable technique. What’s explored much less is setting up a different rhythm to act as a trigger, yet this can be really effective. When setting up a trigger pattern, program something less ‘regular’ and see what happens – you might well find that some rhythmic syncopation produces more interesting results.

Check out the full article here.