Condition and Battery Life

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Where possible, you should ask the reseller the history of the product you are purchasing. A reliable reseller will be able to tell you in-depth details about its condition and what works have been completed within its refurbishment, providing pictures to prove the current condition.

We provide the details of conditions here, detailing the difference between our grades, battery life and how our ACMT refurb the products we sell.

When it comes to what specifically to ask, we advise you ask the following:

  • Have you tested the battery?


  • What percent of the original capacity of the battery remains?


  • Have you tested the system under load for an extended period of time?


  • Has it undergone the Apple service diagnostic tools, to check the basic integrity of the machine?

Of course, we do all these tests before selling you any of our mac products. And to make buying from us a little sweeter, we also offer a one-of-a-kind service where if your battery requires a service within 90 days of your purchase, we will service it free of charge. Nobody else on the market currently offers this. (See our terms and conditions for more details).

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