Mac Pro CPU Upgrade Zero Downtime October Dates

Create Pro Zero Downtime CPU Upgrade Dates: October

The demand for our Mac Pro 4,1-5,1 upgrade service has reached dizzy new heights and we couldn’t be happier, but we are asked one thing over and over again, ‘can you perform the upgrades on site?’
So being the lovely guys and gals that we are, we’re pleased to announce the new CP Zero Downtime upgrades days*. We will trial this in London initially and see depending on the response we will hopefully take it to the rest of the UK.
The requirement for the upgrade on your part is a fully working Mac Pro 4,1 or 5,1 system, they can be either quad, hex, octo or 12 core (prices differ for certain configurations). We can then offer clients both the 6 (hex) core 3.46Ghz or the 12 Core 3.46Ghz upgrade to bring your system in line with true 2015 power.
Please see our upgrade page for full pricing:
We aim to run our first upgrade day in early Oct 2015 and are taking bookings now, please contact us directly at [email protected] or call 020 3770 9660.
*Tea & Biscuits optional.