Create Pro On Site Mac Pro CPU Upgrade Service in London

Create Pro Zero Downtime CPU Upgrades: Kicks off with a bang in London

Yesterday marked our first day in London for our on site zero downtime Mac Pro CPU upgrade service. How did it go? Brilliantly well, as a matter of fact! We visited our good friend Gareth Jones at Strongroom Recording Studio, London, as well as London based creative agency Village Green, among many others, it was a busy day but well worth it.
The whole process couldn’t have gone smoother, and all clients were delighted with their upgrades. Need proof? Check out Gareth Jones from Strongroom pictured below:

Gareth Jones at Strongroom Recording Studios, London

Interested in one of our CPU upgrades? Speculative dates for November are the 12th & 13th in London. Email us at [email protected] to register your interest or enquire about future dates. Please keep in mind that we’ve had huge amounts of enquiries regarding our on-site upgrade dates, please email now if you are interested to ensure that you don’t miss out.