Darth Vader Feels Blue: Create Pro Funnies

We like to keep our Create Pro funnies Apple related, this week the connection may be loose, but it’s no exception. The similarity between Apple product design and the Empires wardrobe simply cannot be denied. The new Mac Pro and Darth Vader’s outfit? Uncanny. The iPod and the Stormtrooper? Identical.
Now that the matter of Apple connection is dealt with, let us introduce today’s funny. Ever thought old Darth’s breathing apparatus looked a little like a certain musical instrument? Ever wondered if dark side Anakin liked to have a little jam when he’s alone? Speculate no longer. For here is one of the best videos we have ever seen on the wonderful world wide web.

Just incase the video didn’t tickle you enough, here’s a bonus image. It’s a classic, but we still love it.