Best Kickstarter Projects This Week

DIY Virtual Reality, Wooden BoomBox, Smartphone Polaroid Printer, Tiny Flash & Video Light, MacBook Pro Retina Cable Dock

Our five favourite Kickstarter Technology Projects this week: Crowdfunding Thursdays

The first edition of a brand new feature, Crowdfunding Thursdays. We’re going to bring you our five favourite Kickstarter technology projects each and every week. You guessed it, on Thursdays.
Our first edition includes a DIY virtual reality box powered by smartphone software, a super cool boombox crafted from a wooden beam, smartphone polaroid printer, a tiny flash & video light for smartphones and GoPro type cameras, and a MacBook Pro Retina cable dock.

DIY Virtual Reality: Open Source Software Powered VR Goggles

First up, DIY Virtual Reality. How could we not feature this? Coolest thing ever. There are two elements to this project, the first is a kit of open-source, web based development tools for virtual reality. The second half, and the one that has us jumping around the office, is an adaptable cardboard based smartphone virtual reality kit that will convert your chosen mobile device into a personal, head mounted VR viewer.
This is one of the best Kickstarter tech projects we’ve ever seen, a super cool concept taking something that is usually high cost and making it accessible to everyone with a smartphone, so, basically everyone.
Best reward: VR Starter Kit: DC-1 Developer Cardboard Toolkit
Price: $25 or more (+27$ for UK/EU shipping)
What you get: Everything you need to turn your smartphone and hat of choice into a VR device. Cardboard does great things for prices.
Check out the project in full here.

The BeamBox: Wooden Beams turned into Portable Speakers

One for the nature guys out there. The BeamBox. This is a portable speaker fashioned from an old school reclaimed wooden beam. The makers describe the BeamBox as the “coolest, most historically significant speaker you could ever own”. We’re sure there are speakers with slightly more history, but it’s definitely up there with the coolest. The BeamBox contains two 40W speakers, a response range of 20Hz to 20kHz and can play music via bluetooth from your device of choice.
For those with slightly less bank there is also the BarnBox ($150 or more), a smaller, more portable version.
Best reward: The BeamBox
Price: $350 (+$50 for UK/EU Shipping)
What you get: The full size BeamBox in all its glory
Check out the project in full here.

SnapJet: A Slim, Portable, Open-Source Instant Film Printer

If you like taking pictures with your phone, you’ll love this. Instant physical prints with just the touch of a button, no wi-fi/bluetooth/cable link up required. The device works by simply absorbing the light from your phones display and shooting out the image observed, quality looks great too. What’s really cool is that SnapJet uses only the light emitted from your phones display to develop the photo, clever thinking. The device will take Polaroid 300 or Fuli Instax Instant Film, so you’re not locked into some proprietary format.
Best reward: SnapJet Instant Film Printer Early Bird Special (193 left as of 20/11/14)
Price: $129 or more (+$18 shipping to the UK/EU)
What you get: Early SnapJet Instant Film printer
Check out the project in full here.

Lume Cube: a Flash & Video Light for GoPro, iPhone & Android

Lume Cube is a super portable and mountable 1,500 lumen light source intended for use with GoPro, iPhone & Android cameras. The cubes are configurable via an iPhone or Android app with up to five cubes synced to a single device via Bluetooth. The creators even offer a Go Pro Hero camera dual or quad Lume Cube mounting kit, which will surely step up the GoPro’s nighttime/low light shooting ability.
Best reward: The JOBY Micro Tripod Kit
Price: $69 or more (+$10 for UK/EU Shipping)
What you get: A single Lume Cube and a JOBY Micro Tripod to mount it on
Check out the project in full here.

BRACKET: A MacBook Pro Retina Cable Dock

Last but not least, BRACKET. BRACKET is a MacBook Pro Retina cable dock designed to solve everyday cable hassle at the office. The device is “designed to be a natural extension of your Mac”. As someone who plugs 4 cables into their MacBook every morning, I can certainly see the use for this.
Best reward: Kickstarter Priced BRACKET
Price: £25 or more (+ £2.60 UK/EU delivery)
What you get: a BRACKET
Check out the project in full here.
So that’s it for week one, we hope you saw something you liked. Check back next Thursday for another round-up.