Eight Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

It’s officially time to begin buying Christmas presents before the stores start to sell out. We at Macbank have pulled together some of our favourite Christmas stocking stuffers to help you get through the busy Christmas period. No matter who you need a small present for, we’ve got you covered, with our eight top Christmas stocking stuffers!


Kirby Amiibo with Pink DonutDo you know someone who’s obsessed with their Nintendo Switch? Getting them an amiibo – a figurine of a Nintendo character with NFC compatibility with their Switch device – might just be the perfect stocking filler present!

Amiibos come in a wide range of different characters. When placed on a GamePad, the statue interacts with your games to give unique benefits and can hold your saved data. These beautiful collectables make perfect small gifts for someone to decorate their room and add something extra to their gaming experience.


Spotify Gift Card

Spotify has revolutionised how people listen to music, and the streaming service is popular with everyone. With over 80 million paying Spotify users worldwide and more UK listeners than Radio 1, the digital music streaming service has become a household name.

Treating someone to a Spotify Gift Card so they can experience Spotify Premium – free music with no ads. Let them relax to soothing beats or listen to their favourite hits with this present.


Desktop Cable Organiser

Computers with wires held back by cablesCable management contributes to a beautiful workspace or gaming station. Nothing looks more untidy than five or six wires flopping from the back of a television or PC monitor. Luckily, good cable organisers can be very cheap and cost very little, making them perfect stocking filler!


Monitor Bias Lighting

Bias Lighting quite literally brightens up a room so at night you are not just staring into the light of the monitor. A bias light is essentially a light strip that sticks to the back of a monitor. By providing contrasting colour, the ‘sting’ of artificial light is made much weaker. Bias lighting works wonders for a desktop computer to reduce eye strain and fatigue. Bias lights also improve the contrast you see on a screen in dark light conditions, meaning you experience more vibrant and sharper colours.

There is a wide range of bias lights available on the market, though if you want to get a slightly more expensive stocking present, there are some strips on the market which can sync up to your monitor, so the colour reflects (or contrasts) the colours on the screen! The light creates fantastic visual effects that make watching films or playing games so much better.


Portable Charger

Portable charger plugged into a macbook air 13 inch refurbished and iPhonePortable chargers are fantastic stocking fillers – small, cheap, and immensely useful for people who don’t own one! If you know someone who is always caught without battery on their phone, a portable charger is something they seriously need. Some are powerful, bulky, and heavy; others are lightweight, subtle, and weaker. However, almost all chargers can bring even the most power hungry phone back from zero to a hundred in a single charge.


Compressed Air Sprayer

Cleaning is a chore, particularly trying to clean keyboards or the inside of a desktop computer. However, it is essential to do this to help keep everything running and working at peak performance. Get someone a compressed air sprayer to make their life easier and take the hassle out of expelling dust bunnies from someone’s computer tower.


Magnetic Screw Holder

Lots of screws next to each otherIf you know someone who tinkers with computers or any other gadgets around the house, then a magnetic screw holder makes a brilliant idea for a present. When they are trying to remember where they put the pieces to build their next device, the magnetic screw holder will prove a boon as all the little pieces will be held together in one place.

MicroSD Card

Quite possibly the most-powerful-per-square-inch item on our list, MicroSD cards are tiny but pack a big punch. When inserted into computers, mobile phones, cameras, or any other device, you can either save or load vast amounts of data. MicroSD cards are even compatible with our 13-inch refurbished MacBook Airs, our iMac devices, and more.

A sizeable MicroSD card will mean you can hold more content than ever before and take films and games with you on the go, making MicroSD cards a wonderful present for the technologically minded.


If you’re willing to spend a little more, or are looking for something a little bigger for a loved one, check out our 15 present ideas for tech lovers. Or get in touch with us in the comments below or on social media and leave us your thoughts!