Custom gold & wood Apple Macintosh

Enter ‘The Golden Apple’ Custom Apple Macintosh 128K: Walnut Apple Mac with gold keyboard

Sure, it’s not a Mac Pro 5,1. But who cares when it looks this good? Here in the office we’re a sucker for custom Apple throwbacks, so we just had to share this.
Love Hultén, a designer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has created this absolutely incredible Apple Macintosh replica made from American Walnut, maintaining perfect dimensions. All is not as it seems, however, as Love has updated this replica to house a brand new Mac Mini & DVD reader.
To accompany ‘The Golden Apple’ is a custom mechanical keyboard outfitted with gold plated key caps and a wireless walnut mouse.
Check out the awesome video below showcasing Love’s creation, as well as some great pictures:

Golden Apple Mac 3 Golden Apple Mac 2 Golden Apple Mac 1