Extended Apple Care Warranty with MacBank

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It’s very rare that we need to fix an issue with our completely refurbished Mac systems or assist with a problem, but we do tell our customers that it’s always important to protect your Mac investment in case any concerns arise later down the line.

You can now protect your refurbished Mac system for up to three years with MacBank’s Extended Warranty protection plan. That’s the entirety of your university course if you’re a recent student!

Benefit from a trained technician whose only being a phone call away for all your hardware and software support needs, and as an Extended Warranty package holder, you will always be prioritised, so say goodbye to waiting in the queue!

Our technical team are experienced and knowledgeable specialists because we invest the time and money into advancing their capabilities. Customer care is an important element of our business model, and should you need our help, we have aimed to perfect our available services, and that is why all our technicians have been certified by Apple themselves under the ACMT training programme. Because of their understanding of Mac systems, applications and customer support, the majority of customer issues are solved within a single phone-call meaning that you can get back to the things that matter.

Our technicians are also available via emails or our live chat system, offering the same level of detail and quality of service as our phone-calls, because we believe that you should be able to receive the support you need in the format that suits you best.

Should we require remote access to fix the issue with your Mac, we will do so via a highly secure connection so that your system and data are protected. You can also send your hardware to us via a collect and return system so that we can complete any necessary repair work, where we fix all problems on-site with genuine Apple parts.

Our warranty is only available to MacBank customers on systems that were purchased via our store. We regret that we cannot help anyone who has not bought hardware from MacBank because our resources and support are reserved for our customers.

Go to our dedicated Protection Plan page to find out more, or get in touch with our team today so we can tell you more about the warranty packages available to you when you buy refurbished Apple computers, MacBooks and other hardware with MacBank.