OS X Yosemite Features That Will Improve Your Workflow

Five Yosemite Features That Will Improve Your Workflow: OS X 10.10 tips & tricks

Improve your OS X Yosemite workflow with bulk renaming, smart spotlight searching, image annotation & more

We’re now recommending OS X 10.10 Yosemite as a stable operating system to our professional clients. With this in mind, we thought it was about time that we went over a few of our favourite Yosemite features. Many of the tips & tricks that we’ll go over in this blog post will improve your day to day workflow, and some are just fun.
At release Yosemite was plagued with bugs, such as the infamous Wi-Fi connectivity issue, but it’s now stable enough for most professional applications. There’s no denying that OS X 10.10 looks great, especially with features like dark mode. Without further ado, lets get into our Yosemite tips & tricks, hopefully you will find them useful.
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Rename Your Files in Bulk
How to change file names in bulk

1. Select all of the files you want to re-name.
renaming more than one file in OS X
2. Right click (or cmd click) one of the selected files and select ‘Rename X items’.
renaming multiple files on a mac
3. Select the ‘Name Format’ that you want. ‘Name and index’ adds a number after a specified name, ‘Name and counter’ adds a 5 digit counter after a specified name and ‘Name and date’ adds the date and time after a specified name. Name and index is best for most situations.
4. Specify the new file name for your batch of files in the ‘Custom Format’ field.
5. Specify the number that you want the index/counter to start at (unless using ‘Name and date’).
Editing file names in bulkThat’s it. Your files are now renamed in bulk. This is definitely a handy feature for photographers or people who have large numbers of files with generic names.

Use Spotlight For More Than Just File Searching

Spotlight search in Yosemite

Spotlight has been a central feature in OS X for a number of years now, it’s much loved and it’s only gotten better with Yosemite. There are a number of ways that you can use Spotlight to bypass things that, for example, your browser may normally do.

Find Maps with Spotlight
Use spotlight to display maps

If you type a location into spotlight – all being well – you should be presented with a Maps result. Double click the location and you’ll be taken to it within the Maps app, alternatively you can specify whether your want directions to the location you have searched for, or from it.

Convert Currency, Measurements & More in Spotlight

Convert currency, measurements, weights and more in spotlightType any currency or measurement such as weight, length, temperature or volume in spotlight and it will be converted into the most common results. Unfortunately, you can’t expand the results to show more conversions, but for 9 out of 10 cases, the conversions spotlight gives you will be enough.

Use Spotlight Search for Basic Calculations

Use Spotlight Search as a Calculator in OS X
Need to do some basic math? No need for the Calculator app anymore, simply type your mathematic problem into spotlight and it will automatically run it through calculator for you.

Preview Documents in Spotlight

Preview Documents in Spotlight

When searching for documents in spotlight you are now presented with a handy preview of the file in question. Never again will you open the wrong word document.

Use Markup to Annotate Images & Add Signatures to Emails in Mail

Annotate emails on a mac
1. Open the ‘Mail’ app and start to compose your email.
Annotate emails in OS X
2. Once your PDF or image is attached, select the image, click the drop down arrow and then select ‘Markup’.
Email Markup4 copy
3. You can now use the pen tool to draw curved or straight lines (hold shift to make lines perfectly curved or straight), or you can select the text option to add text to the image.
Email Markup6 copy
4. To add a signature, select the signature tool. You can now either sign your email using the trackpad or use your camera to take a picture of your signature.Email Markup7 copy
5. You can now select your trackpad written or photographed signature and insert it over your document. Once inserted you can re-size and re-position your signature freely.Email Markup8 copy

There you have it. An annotated and signed image embedded into an email. Handy for quick amendments or pointing out the obvious, to people who sometimes miss the obvious.

Double Click to Fill Screen With a Window

Double click a window to fill your screen in OS X
Simply double click the tool bar of the window you wish to enlarge. That’s it, easy as pie. The window will now expand to fill the entire screen. If you double click to toolbar again, the window will revert to the original size.

Window is enlarged after double clicking in OS X

Change the Colour of Highlighting in OS X

Change the colour of highlighted text in OS X

Admittedly, this one wont improve your workflow much, but it certainly looks cool. We all know about dark mode by now, but did you know that you can change the colour of highlighted text in OS X? Well you can, and here’s how.

Change the colour of highlighted text on a Mac

Open ‘System Prefrences’, click ‘General’. Now select the ‘Highlight Colour’ drop down and choose your desired colour for highlighted text.How to change the colour of highlighting text on a mac

There you have it, five tips to improve your OS X 10.10 Yosemite workflow (well, 4 tips that will improve your workflow and 1 that’s just for fun). Do you have any life changing OS X Yosemite tips & tricks that people might not know about? If so, please let us know in the comments section below.