Genuine iPhone Parts Will Soon Be Available To Independent Repair Shops

Apple has officially announced that they’re expanding their availability of parts to allow independent third-party repair shops to be able to purchase. The program is beginning in the US, but there are plans to launch in other countries. Hopefully, the UK is high on that list!

Apple has a rocky history with independent repair shops to put it lightly. They’ve been known to send out cease and desist letters to shops or even outright sue. Back in June this year there was a small iPhone repair shop in Norway told to pay $3566 and admit wrongdoing or be sued by the trillion-dollar valued company. More recently Louis Rossmann whos runs a repair shop in New York had his repair parts seized by customs despite all the components being genuine. Louis Rossmann is a considerable voice in the independent repair shop world and an advocate for the right to be able to repair or have your device by whoever you choose.

In the coming months, US shops will be able to apply and become “authorized” giving them access to genuine parts. This program may increase the price of repairs for consumers; however, at least they know the replacement parts they pay for are 100% genuine.

The right to repair bill will be one of the most significant legislative changes to happen to the IT sector in the US. If they’ve got to provide the infrastructure to supply parts to the US, it’s unlikely we won’t see replication around the world.

iPhone parts are just the beginning!