recording electric guitars on a budget tips and tricks

Getting a Great Electric Guitar Sound on a Budget: 5 tip & tricks from Pro Tools Expert

Our good friends at Pro Tools Expert just posted 5 awesome tips & tricks to getting a great electric guitar sound on a budget. Electric guitars are popular in many styles of music, but not everyone can afford a vintage fender & tube amp combo, this is where these tips will come in handy.
Pro Tools Expert have covered things such as mics, plug-ins, amps, recording techniques & more. Below is a small excerpt from the full post.

Work The Mic

Try a number of different microphones. If you have little budget then you can’t beat the Shure SM57, then try moving it around in front of the amp until you get the sound you want. If you have the chance to try a few mics then set them up in front of the amp and then have someone move them around whilst you check the sound – if you have no control room then use a pair of headphones for this task. You will be amazed how different a guitar can sound as you move the mic around in front of the cab.

Check out the full article over at Pro Tools Expert, here.