The new iMac Pro

Google Search Listing Reveals iMac Pro Release Date?

Upgrade my Mac, you say? There are lots of people who will be having ideas of stepping up to the next level with their workstation soon, with the release date of the iMac Pro on the horizon. In fact, there have been some heavy rumours that the release date for Apple’s most powerful machine ever to be made will be unveiled sooner than some thought, thanks to a Google search listing. So, what’s the story?

Along with inspiration from the 27-inch iMac, the iMac Pro will come complete with workstation-grade components that carry a starting price of $4,999 (around £3,700). However, if you’re saving up, you better start counting those pennies because, as we mentioned, a Google search listing reveals that the iMac Pro will be released on… December 18!
Apple has already previously revealed that the workstation is going to be released during the last months of 2017. If the leak comes good then it’ll also give Apple a prime chance to get those tasty iMac sales to increase and then post some potentially eye-watering results for its fourth-quarter earnings!
The iMac Pro release date is yet to be officially confirmed, so where’s the fuss about December 18th coming from? Sit tight, here’s where it gets interesting! The highest configured processor configuration for the iMac Pro will feature an 18-core Intel Xeon processor. Experts think that Google’s search systems may well have inaccurately spotted the number ‘18’ in the 18-core processor, and then listed the release date as December 18.
Nothing is set in stone yet, so don’t shoot the messenger, but if there’s anything to update you on, you can bet that we’ll be on it ASAP, but for now, we can whet your appetite with some juicy insights into what the iMac Pro could have to offer its users.
The potential iMac Pro hardware rumour suggests that the workstation could feature the following chips:

  • Intel 7980XE (18 cores/36 threads/42MB Cache/Turbo Boost TBD)
  • Intel 7900X (10 cores/20 threads/23MB Cache/Turbo Boost 3.0 Max 4.5GHz)
  • Intel 7820X (8 cores/16 threads/19MB Cache/Turbo Boost 3.0 Max 4.5GHz)

The buzz in tech circles claims that the socket present in the highly-anticipated machine will be an LGA 3647, which will deliver support for the above-mentioned chips. Yet, the presence of the ARM co-processor could well also be a tidy little addition as it could regulate the amount of power going through the iMac Pro. When in idle mode, the ARM chip could go about its unsung work, sprinkling magic about the place, by reducing overall power draw when there’s little to no activity, along with refreshing key elements for the user – emails, various notifications and such. Also on the is the option to set up a PCIe NVMe solid state drive to make the machine run as smoothly and responsively as possible, while the ECC RAM has the potential to be configured up to 128GB.
Hopefully, you’re now suitably excited for the upcoming release, like the rest of us!
Image: Rafael Fernandez under Creative Commons.