Guardians of Galaxy CGI

Guardians of the Galaxy CGI Interview: Pete Travers of Sony Pictures Imageworks

Originally posted on Creative Cow. An incredibly insightful interview with Pete Travers, of Sony Pictures Imageworks, discussing his involvement in 2014’s Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. Pete discusses the incredible workload, SPI’s approach to working to tight deadlines, collaborating with other studios such as MPC, as well as Marvel’s tight security. Below is one of our favourite segments.
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Q: The elegance of the process. I like that, this idea of letting the computer do the work, after you did the work of setting up everything procedurally. There’s this idea that computers are a thing that’s separate from creativity, but if you think of them as just these things that do a lot of math, procedural approaches make a lot of artisticsense, even though they seem technical.

A: I was really good with math when I was a kid, and I could also draw really well, so there’s this experience of what people call “both sides of the brain.” By the way, that’s total BS. Some of the most brilliant, creative people I have ever met in my life in this industry are programmers. And as far as I’m concerned, that is the highest form of creativity. Because not only do they have to figure out how to make something look good, they have to figure out how to build a world whereother people can make something look good.
It’s not that I’m saying people that claim to be artistic aren’t as creative. Creativity comes in all forms and everything we do is extremely creative. But over the past 20 years, this industry has been built upon the creative, brilliant minds that go into developing the software so that everybody else can use it. That’s where the brilliance was, and still is.
The big caveat is that, with amazing software and people that don’t know how to use it, you still get garbage. But it’s the brilliance of the software in combination with the brilliance of the current talent is why such amazing things can be accomplished nowadays.
That’s why I really have a tough time separating “creativity” from” technical.” I think they’re actually the same thing.