7 Things You Need to Know About Buying a Refurbished Mac

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Want a Mac system but can’t justify spending thousands of pounds on a new laptop or computer from the Apple store? You’re not the only one! Apple is notoriously known for the high prices of their products, even when the model is a couple of years old or with an applied discount; this fact often sends many searching the world wide web for a better deal, stumbling across a host of sources. While Apple does have their own refurbished models store, customers find that resellers separate from the Apple brand can offer refurbished Macs at more attractive prices.

1. What is a Refurbished Mac?

A ‘refurbished’ Mac is a second-hand Mac computer that has been professionally inspected, upgraded, cleared of any faults, reformatted so to remove all traces of previous users, and tested until the Mac functions as well as any new computer. Refurbished systems should run and look like new, even repackaged for you and with all the necessary accessories.

If a Mac is being resold, it does not mean it has been refurbished. A resold MacBook could be someone selling the used item with all of its problems unfixed. A refurbished Mac by contrast has been fully restored as close to its factory conditions as possible. When you’re buying, make sure to buy refurbished rather than just resold.


2. Why Should You Buy Refurbished?

Because refurbished macs fall under the previously owned category, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) cannot be applied. This means the Macs are sold at discounted rates, allowing you to secure a computer that is as good as new for lower prices.

With customers saving on average 10 to 20 per cent off the current retail price (and more around peak selling periods – it’s no wonder the bargain-hunters among us are on the prowl for a sweet Mac deal. For example, we are currently selling a refurbished 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro for 35% lower than the cheapest 13-inch Retina from Apple.

This pursuit, however, does come with some risks for those who are not wary about where and what they are buying. To avoid disappointment, read our latest guide that helps you get your hands on a new Mac for less.

Below are some of the main things to consider when buying a Mac online. Click each one to find out more:

3. Private Sales vs Resellers

4. How to Spot a Reputable Reseller

5. Condition and Battery Life

6. Specification

7. Mis-selling and Misconceptions

Buying a refurbished MacBook is a fantastic way to get a bargain without compromising on the quality of the product. By following our guide to buying a refurbed Mac, you can be rest-assured you receive a legitimate bargain, avoiding the trap of fraudulent sellers. We’ve covered everything from misconceptions and deceitful sale tactics, how to distinguish reputable sellers and all the technical information you’ll need to know. However, if you need more help in your purchasing decision, be sure to speak to one of our Apple Certified team members today to find the best deal for you.