How to get the Perfect Kick Drum:

Point Blank recently posted a great guide to getting the perfect kick drum. The guide relates to both the recording of acoustic drums and the creation of synthetic ones. Point Blank’s post is worth a read for anyone into audio.
Check out one of our favourite segments below:

Tuning Kicks

One of the most common questions that crops up is how to tune kicks. Having the right frequencies in your kick and getting the right sweep from low to high is going to make it stand out and nicely fill out your bottom end without engulfing the mix.
Kick drums can sit anywhere from as low as 50Hz in house, techno, trap and hip-hop right up to 90-110Hz for drum ‘n’ bass. Where your kick sits also depends on what your bass is doing: if you’ve got a big sub sound with lots of content below 90Hz then using a higher-pitched kick would complement it better. However if you’re using bass guitar, or something with more low-mids/mid-range frequencies, then you can get away with a beefier kick drum.

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