The Avengers Infinity War filmed in full imax using new 6k digital cameras

IMAX Digital Cameras Moving to Forefront: Avengers: Infinity War will be shot entirely using new IMAX digital cameras

The next two Avengers films in Marvel’s cinematic universe will be the first mainstream movies to be filmed entirely using IMAX cameras. Avengers: Infinity War part 1 & part 2 will be filmed using the latest IMAX 2D digital cameras.
The cameras in question are based on Arri’s 65mm equivalent sensor, capture resolution is well above 6K. This means the same picture quality as a 70mm analogue IMAX camera, without the huge camera. The new IMAX 2D digital camera is due to make it’s first appearance in some scenes of Captain America: Civil War next year.
This is a big move for IMAX, who are looking to become to leading cinema technology company. The Avengers: Infinity War movies are certainly not a bad place to start when looking for mainstream adoption.