iPhone or Apple Watch? ‘WatchSpring’ brings functional Apple Watch-style layout to iOS devices

We’ve all seen the Apple Watch home screen layout by now, most people think that it looks pretty interesting. But how about trying the new layout on your iPhone?
The Apple Watch look-alike home screen is simply a functional app, due to iOS restrictions it cannot replace your true home screen unless you are using a jailbroken iPhone (we don’t suggest this). Fully zoom-able and swipe-able the app certainly looks the part. Amazing considering the app’s author describes it as being created during “the last couple of days in my spare time”. When jailbroken apps can be opened natively, however, there is no folder support, just yet…
If nothing else this is a really nice demonstration of how the Apple Watch interface could work on the iPhone and perhaps iPad, a direction that depending on the Apple Watch’s success Tim Cook may choose to take.
Grab the app here. Video of it in action is below.