Is A Refurbished Mac As Reliable As A New One?

Good quality products often come at a premium price. Mac computers are no different in this respect. Seen as the ultimate in consumer computing, the performance and aesthetics that has become synonymous with the Apple brand means that these beautifully designed and incredibly powerful machines demand a considerable price tag. A price tag which for some, is unjustifiable. However, for those looking to become a member of the ultimate computing fan club, there are other options that are less damaging to your wallet and bank account, buying refurbished is one of those.

Buying refurbished undeniably solves the price problem, but is a refurbished Mac as reliable as a new one?. The old adage “you get what you pay for” may serve as a reminder in the back of uncertain minds before and after buying a refurbished Mac. The doubt and uncertainty of not knowing how reliable our refurbished Mac’s are in comparison to a brand new device may be a major cause of concern for those looking to join the Mac owners club. This doubt may drive you to dig deeper into your pockets and pay more for a brand new Mac than is necessary, or even worse, the doubt may make you decide not to buy a Mac at all. Below we dispel the three most common concerns that customers may have when deciding whether to purchase a refurbished Mac or not, helping you overcome your fear of buying refurbished by showing you just how reliable a Macfinder refurbished Mac is.

Will something go wrong with my Mac?

All of our Macs are comprehensively tested. Our Macs go through a stringent testing procedure that covers all system components. If you’re worried that the Mac you are buying may not be up to the job then worry no more. Our certified Apple technicians check and double-check all of our systems. In addition to the rigorous testing procedures, any components that are flagged are repaired or replaced with new components to ensure that your refurbished system is equipped to withstand the test of time. Read more about our testing procedure here.

What if something does go wrong with my refurbished Mac?

All of our products are covered by our standard warranty for your peace of mind. The warranty is typically 1 year and is specified on the product page. The MacFinder warranty covers the machine against defects in materials and workmanship for the length of your warranty. This means that if you have a problem with your Mac during the warranty period, as an example, it won’t turn on, you have a flicker on the screen or a port isn’t working, then you can give us a call, send us your system and we will find a solution.

What if my refurbished Mac isn’t as I expected?

We check, double-check and triple check all of our products. Multiple checks are made at the refurbishment process and further checks are made at the listing process, including a 32 point check and a condition assessment made to ensure that the product listing and description is accurate and that any applicable imperfections are included via a grading system.

Our refurbished systems are as reliable as new but that doesn’t mean all suppliers of refurbished systems provide the same quality. So if you do decide to shop around, ensure you check their refurbishment procedures. You can read about our refurbishment process here. Our strict procedures are designed to ensure that your refurbished Mac is of the highest quality and just as reliable as a brand new one. However, if upon receipt of your system you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, we operate a 14 day no questions asked return service, ensuring our service and customer care is just as premium and reliable as our products.

Visit our online store today and view our full range of products. If you have any questions please feel free to visit our FAQ’s page or get in touch with us today. As Europe’s leading Mac reseller, you can trust us to find your Mac.