The back of the Apple iMac Pro

The Latest iMac Pro Teardown Highlights

The iMac Pro is now out there for people to get their hands on, and many of you will already have one and be enjoying everything it offers. But if you don’t and you’re considering what cool new features in terms of spec that this new machine has, we open it up to see just what’s under the hood.
The machine in question that has willingly participated in the teardown is the base iMac Pro model, which features an 8-core processor, 32GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD.

Spec Talk

First off, what’s inside these impressive new iMac Pro’s is a completely changed set up from other iMacs, something that people in the tech world weren’t surprised by, due to Apple revealing that it introduced a new thermal design as a way to accommodate the Xeon-W processors and Radeon Pro Vega GPUs they were building into their machines. The new thermal design incorporates nothing short of a huge dual-fan cooler.
The RAM, CPU, and SSDs in the iMac Pro are modular, so that means you’ve now got the scope to replaced them post-purchase. And while the majority of the key components require a full disassembly to replace, you can get your Mac upgrades fully taken care of with us here at Create Pro.
As you’ll probably already know, the standard 27-inch iMacs come with a little hatch in the back; this acts as a nice little easy access door to carry out the RAM upgrades when the time comes, but on the latest models of the iMac Pro that’s missing. This is because, we think, that Apple doesn’t really want the average Joe fiddling with their machine and instead, is steering users down the path of having professional service providers make the customisations make the tweak. In the new iMac Pro switching up the RAM is no easy task and is not to be taken lightly, hence calling in the pros for this one.
Apple’s adopting standard 288-pin DDR4 ECC RAM sticks with standard chips. If you’re after CPU upgrades, they are possible, in theory, but due to Apple using a custom-made Intel chip, it’s not certain at this point, if an upgrade will be viable. The same goes for the SSDs – they’re modular and removable, but custom-made by Apple. Unlike the CPU, the GPU is BGA-soldered into place and cannot be removed.

Screen Update

Apple’s iMac Pro has been fitted complete with the same LG display panel that’s in the standard 27-inch 5K iMac, however, with new cables and a different camera setup, screens aren’t customisable across models, but the screen is super quality, so not much to worry about there.
These are just a handful of the highlights that the iMac Pro has in store for lucky new owners since its release a few weeks ago in mid-December. You can get your hands on them through Apple’s website, with the option to have the base, eight and 10-core configurations. For the higher-priced, more impressively spec 14 and 18-core configurations, there may be a wait, but it could well be worth it once it’s arrived.
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