Nile Rodgers Signature Guitar Style, production, songwriting

Legendary Guitarist, Producer & Songwriter Nile Rodgers Explains His Approach to Music: Simplifying jazz chords for pop

Guitarist, songwriter, producer and all round musical legend Nile Rodgers possesses an instantly recognisable style that is present throughout all of his music. In this clip Rodgers discusses his approach to chords, making the complex sound simple.
Nile explains how he uses chords, usually reserved for jazz, and simply by playing them in an extremely sneaky fashion, makes them sound pop. As far as pop goes, Chic have to be all time greats in anybodies books. Nile Rodgers, often alongside his partner on the bass, the late Bernard Edwards, wrote hit records for Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, David Bowie & many more.
This video is a must watch for any musician interested in advanced musical concepts.