Like Coffee? Have an iPhone? Brew Coffee from your iPhone.

We stumbled upon a blog post from Cult of Mac a few days ago containing this beauty and thought it was too good to not tell you about. If you are an Apple loving coffee drinker, you might just have found something to add to your Xmas list.
Here is the new Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker, a smart coffee-making device for your smart phone (iPhone). The device can be remotely controlled directly from your iPhone, allowing users to schedule up to a week’s worth of coffee brewing. Rather than having to get out of bed to start the coffee machine off, you could simply stroll out of bed and into the kitchen, poor and drink.
The app has additional functionality allowing you to set up reminders, check how much water is in your machine and even receive alerts when the machine needs cleaning or water filter needs changing. Unfortunately, however, it wont do the cleaning or changing for you.
Belkin state the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker heats water to the optimal temperature of 205˚ with a brew time of under 8 minutes. The stainless steel thermal carafe will hold 10 cups of coffee.
At $149.99, it’s not too expensive either. EU availability seems limited for the moment being, however.