Logic Pro X update improves multi core performance on Mac Pro

Logic Pro X 10.2.1 Update Gives the Mac Pro a Boost: Multi-thread upgrade supercharges performance

The recent 10.2.1 update to Logic Pro X brought a large number of welcome improvements, but one in particular will warm the hearts of Mac Pro users. It would seem that Apple have introduced a new option for multi-thread utilisation and also generally improved performance overall. The new option in question relates to which tracks get multi-threaded and allows you to set multi-threading to just Playback Tracks or both Playback Tracks & Live Tracks. When Playback Tracks & Live Tracks is selected it seems that performance is significantly improved on 12 core systems.
We had one user reporting having the Sound on Sound EXS24 test running at 220 instances along with a 128 buffer, the system wasn’t sweating at all. Pretty impressive, if you ask us.
Do you run Logic Pro X? Have you updated and did you see a performance difference? Let us know in the comments below.
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