6 UAD OCTO DSP Accelerator Cards in 2010 Mac Pro part 2

Mac Pro 5,1 with 6x UAD Octo DSP Accelerator Cards Part 2: Real World Mix Test with Pro Tools Expert

6x UAD Octo DSP Accelerator Cards meet the Mac Pro 5,1 and CUBIX PCIe Xpander part 2

If you missed part 1, check it out here.
If you’ve already seen part 1, here’s part 2. In part 1 we ran Pro Tools Expert’s crazy Pro Tools benchmark test on a Mac Pro 5,1 outfitted with 6x UAD Octo DSP accelerator cards (4 in a CUBIX PCIe Xpander Elite and 2 in the Mac Pro).
Here in part 2, you can see James and rich use the setup in a real world mix scenario. Again, although being a real world scenario, they throw some pretty hardcore abuse at the setup, but it doesn’t flinch an inch. The pair also provide great insight into this digital analogue console type setup.
Check the video out below: